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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” is a four character, three Act, Black Comedy/Drama set in 1962. It
examines the complexities of the marriage of a middle-aged couple, George and Martha, when, late one
evening, after a university faculty party, they receive an unwitting younger couple, Nick and Honey, as
guests, and draw them into their bitter and frustrated relationship.



George -  A 46-year-old member of the history department at New Carthage University. George is married to Martha, in a once loving relationship now defined by sarcasm and frequent acrimony.

Martha -  Martha is the 52-year-old daughter of the president of New Carthage University. She is married to George, though disappointed with his aborted academic career. She attempts to have an affair with Nick.


Nick -  Nick has just become a new member of the biology faculty at New Carthage University. He is 28 years old, good-looking, Midwestern, and clean-cut. He is married to Honey.

Honey -  Honey is the petite, rather bland wife of Nick. She is 26 years old, has a weak stomach, and is not the brightest. Her relationship with Nick and her fear of adult responsibility have kept her a child,

Audition Information

Monday November 4th at 7:00PM - The Multipurpose Room-Huntsville Public Library

Anyone wishing to Audition will be asked to read prepared sides. As well, a one to two minute
monologue will be required, that shows both range and ability to commit to the emotion required by
the piece, while also showing the ability to think outside the box.

* Please Note: This play has mature subject matter and some profane language *

The First Reading will take place once fully cast, and Rehearsals will be held twice a week, on a
schedule yet to be determined, commencing at the beginning of December.


Show Dates

May 21st-24th, 2020 at Hidden Valley Ski Club Huntsville, ON

For additional information, or to request copies of the sides for the Audition, please email Cydney Jones (Director)


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