Perfect Pie by Judith Thompson

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

"Perfect Pie is this beautiful story about two very different women and their dynamic friendship that changes through time. We're so fortunate to bring this show from Judith Thompson, one of Canada's top playwrights, to Muskoka! We get to show our audiences a play that deals with childhood, memory and loss on a deep and intimate level. Through these characters, we can see how tragedy effects our memories of the past, comes into our present and takes us into future" Lauren Rodrigues, Director

Show Dates - Times

February 6th - 7:30PM

February 7th - 7:30PM

February 8th - 2:00PM

February 9th - 2:00PM

Tickets can be purchased through the Algonquin Theatre Box office: 705-789-4975

Online tickets:

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