A Message from the President

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Welcome one and all to the Huntsville Theatre Company!

Lauren Saunders - President Huntsville Theatre Company

Founded in 2011, the Huntsville Theatre Company is a not for profit community theatre group committed to providing year-round live theatre in the Muskoka area. Our performers and production teams are made of volunteers, using their talent and time to create exceptional productions. We are devoted to creating opportunities for members of the community to develop skills in all aspects of theatre and see high quality productions.

As current president of the board of directors, I have seen HTC continue to grow and thrive over the years. I believe with our variety of productions and programs, we can continue to foster creativity, community spirit and honest support between community members. We are blessed in Muskoka with an expansive creative community and want to continue providing a space for artists to express themselves. The support from our audiences and local businesses allows us to maintain and expand this artistic momentum. 

One of my favourite quotes is "Movies will make you famous, Television will make you rich, but theatre will make you good". From our dedicated volunteers on and off stage, to the businesses who offer us their support, to all the enthusiastic audience members who keep wanting more, I know this couldn't be more true. Theatre makes us good and has a very bright future here at the Huntsville Theatre Company. Home is where the show is!

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